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Our classes - 'Proud to be Prestonian'!

 All of our classes are named after people who were either born in Preston or who have made Preston their home. We want pupils at Ashton Primary to feel pride for where they have come from and recognise that, no matter where you come from, anyone can achieve greatness through following our values of:








 Flintoff class - eyfs

Flintoff class are named after Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff MBE, born in Preston in 1977.  He is famous as a television and radio presenter, former international cricketer, and coach for the England cricket squad.

park class - year 1

Park class are named after Nick Park CBE RDI, born in Preston in 1958. He is an award-winning animator and founder of Aardman Animation, the creative force behind such well-loved characters as Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.

 rigby class - year 2

Rigby class are named after Edith Rigby, born in Preston in 1872 (d.1950). She was a suffragette who campaigned for women to vote and was arrested and imprisoned several times for her militant actions. She founded a night school in Preston called St Peter's School, aimed at educating women and girls. She was also famously the 'First woman in Preston to own a bike'!

 slater class - year 3

Slater class are named after Stephanie Slater MBE, born in Preston in 1991. She is a Paralympic swimmer. Slater began her sporting career as an able bodied athlete, but after suffering nerve damage to her left arm she switched to parasport.

himid class - year 4

Himid class are named after Lubaina Himid CBE RA, born in Zanzibar in 1954. Whilst not born in Preston she has made Preston her home for most of her life. She is a Turner Prize winning artist and curator who produces art which aims to uncover the hidden stories of black people through history.

 singh class - year 5

Singh class are named after Ranvir Singh, born in Preston in 1977. She is most well known as is a journalist and television presenter. She is a newsreader and presenter for Good Morning Britain and has also appeared on the BBC's 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

 arkwright class - year 6

Arkwright class are named after Sir Richard Arkwright, born in Preston in 1732 (d.1792). He was inventor and a leading entrepreneur during the early Industrial Revolution. He is credited as the driving force behind the development of the 'water frame' - a machine for spinning yarn.