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Speech & Language Impaired Children

What is a SERF?

SERF stands for Special Education Resource Facility.

Within the mainstream school there are special facilities and, more importantly, special staff to cater for children with Special Educational Needs. Our SERF caters for children with specific Speech and Language Impairment (SLI).

Who is the SERF for?

Provision is currently available for SLI children in Foundation Stage and KS1 (Rec, Y1 & Y2).

Both local children and those from other areas identified as benefitting from a SERF placement attend Ashton Primary School.

Who identifies children for the SERF?

Admissions to the SERF are controlled by the Local Education Authority and it is they who decide through assessments from Speech and Language Therapist reports and Educational Psychologists reports. 

Who are the SERF Staff?

Mrs Kathy Burkmar, our Speech & Language Therapist, visits school on a weekly basis and provides intensive tuition and therapy to the children, with additional teaching from Miss Helen Smith, SERF teacher, and support from Mrs Zaneb Sindha, Teaching Assistant. 

Where do the children work?

Children are taught in their age appropriate class with the high levels of additional specialist therapy. The children are supported both within the class and in "quiet areas" 

Through a variety of fun and exciting activities, we ensure children recieve daily intensive speech therapy. Such activities include playing games, using puppets, role play scenarios and using ICT.

Do look at the photos and descriptions of activities in Reception, Y1 and Y2 classes as SLI children are included, enjoying all aspects of the curriculum.

Please check the gallery section to view photographs.

Visiting the SERF?

As an established SERF, Ashton Primary School staff and pupils are ready to welcome SLI children and their parents for a look around and for a chat.

What happens at the end of Year 2 or if my child is no longer appropriate for the SERF?

When intensive therapy is no longer considered appropriate for the child, the pupil would then transfer to the school of parental choice.

Due to our inclusion policy and experience, the transition to and from Ashton Primary SERF is a smooth and positive experience for all children.
Contact Sue Blackburn, Headteacher,  if you wish to know more. We will be pleased to show you Ashton Primary SERF provision and give further information.

Please check our serf parents section to read their comments.


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